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lesbian tribbing

Got a kink for lesbians with petite boobs and plenty of imagination? Here are two of our pioneers, one of the first girls we invited to show what they are capable of in front of the camera. After undressing each other timidly, they felt more relaxed (the wine helped a lot!). A few minutes, and no one could believe it was their first time, they look so natural and so relaxed, completely oblivious to anything or anyone around. Their pussies were so wet, you could hear the squirting noise when they were fingering each other… Quite a show there!

So, since we want to be sure we are doing everything right, let us know what you think about those two. Did you like the girls, is there anything else you want them to do? The opinion of our visitors is very important, maybe you have a great idea our lesbian love virgins will enjoy implementing! Come on, don’t be shy!


kissing girls

Many women enjoy tribadism without even realizing it, as it basically involves rubbing the genitals on anything hard, like pubic bone, other body parts, or even a saddle when riding a horse
:) . Some refer to the act of tribbing between two lesbian lovers as mutual masturbation, which may be another good way to describe it. No matter how it is defined, however, scissoring represents extremely pleasant sexual stimulation possible between partners that feel comfortable around each other.
The pleasant sensations are caused by intense stimulation of erogenous zones located in the vulvar lips, clitoris and other parts of the body. Getting an orgasm from just this type of stimulation is sufficient for many women to achieve an orgasm several times brighter than vaginal orgasm.
Tribadism is enjoyed by so many female couples because it feels great, especially if the clitoris is highly responsive. Trying it out for the first time may feel unusual, but this is the most natural thing on earth. The magic and hot act of tribadism lets your whole body participate and respond to the stimulation provided by the partner.